Success Indicators

Success Indicators Prepared by CRET Board
As we move forward, CRET and LLU will need to agree on a list of success indicators and on core performance measures for the utilization of the Technology Center and products. Below is a list of what CRET considers to be the key indicators of success. 

  • Every student will be required to spend a specified number of hours in a CRET facility annually completing for-credit learning that's integrated into the core curriculum.  (Note that number of hours can be different for students at different stages of their educational journey.)
  • The core curriculum has been updated to reflect innovative technologies.
  • The faculty is comfortable instructing students on the technology in the CRET facility.
  • The equipment/technology in the CRET facility is updated regularly by the manufacturers.
  • The facility is open to alumni, and used as a continuing education teaching facility for technology.
  • The school uses the CRET facility to learn about new & potentially revenue-enhancing procedures that can be incorporated into the school's core offering.
  • CRET 'customers' provide regular feedback to manufacturers on their experience with the products and equipment in the center, either through regular surveys or interviews.
  • The Advisory Council meets regularly and collaboratively to oversee & continually improve the CRET facility and program.