SPOTLIGHT: CRET-WVU Innovation Center

SPOTLIGHT: CRET-WVU Innovation Center:
The Dr. W. Robert Biddington Center for Dental Innovation at West Virginia University School of Dentistry hosted its first student rotations shortly after the September 2017 grand opening in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Between October 2017 and May 2018, students in their final year of dental school took full advantage of the Center for Research and Education in Technology and dental school collaboration. All 62 of our fourth-year students have been able to experience our Innovation Center.

Due to the vast array of materials provided by CRET partners, students are able to have unique operatory experiences.  Each room has different composite and bonding systems, different composite polishing systems, curing lights, impression material, provisional crown material, and cements.  The variety allows students to have exposure from a vast array of products, technology, and materials and thus allows them to become adept with products from several different manufacturers; this experience is very special and would be difficult to simulate in any other setting.

“The opportunity to utilize operatory equipment and materials from different companies is a big advantage of the CRET center. I have found a light style that I like, and I feel that I will be more comfortable going to work anywhere because I have tried many different styles of operatories. “ - WVU dental student

Currently, at the Biddington Center for Dental Innovation students and faculty are performing digital scanning with Carestream Dental CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner and the Dentsply Sirona Omnicam; along with milling with the Dentsply Sirona MCXL milling machine and SpeedFire Oven.



Dr. Lauren Yura instructing fourth-year Bomi Kim with the CEREC Omnicam and Ultradent Gemini Dual-Wavelength Diode Laser

“I was completely fascinated when I saw the milling machine cut a crown in less than 15 minutes, and being able to take digital impressions and edit it. I feel more competent because I have the skills and knowledge to use a variety of materials and I do not feel limited to just taking traditional impressions for example.” - WVU dental student


The WVU center for dental innovation utilizes an Oral Cancer Screening Device by Star Dental, four total intraoral cameras including the AirTechnqiues Triton Spectra HD, Aceton SoproCare, and Carestream Dental CS 1500.


WVU fourth-year dental student, Sricharan Mahavadi, uses Oral Cancer Screening Device by Star Dental


The students enjoy the ability to try out five different curing lights form Ivoclar, Dentsply Sirona, Aceton, Kavo-Kerr, and Ultradent. The students have also been thrilled with the center’s three Isolite systems because they are able to perform the procedures more efficiently and effectively.

Crown preps and other restorative procedures have been enhanced with the utilization of the Gemini Dual Wavelength Diode Laser supplied by Ultradent.

“My patients loved the innovation center! My patient loved that she could get her bridge done in one appointment and didn’t have to come back to have it cemented.” – WVU dental student

Beyond restorative, student treat their patients’ periodontal needs by using Cordless prophy angle by Dentsply Sirona and utilizing four different magnetostrictive and ultrasonic scalers by Aceton, Hu-Friedy, and Dentsply Sirona.

The students also have loved the variety of radiographic equipment from Carestream Dental, Kavo-Kerr, and Air Techniques. The KaVo OP 3D Pro has been great to teach students cone beam technology and radiologic interruption.


Dr. Lauren Yura, director, shows Pete Petrides the KaVo OP 3D Pro


As part of instruction requirements, students are required to give Friday afternoon presentations on the experiences they have in the innovation center.  The West Virginia University School of Dentistry was the first of the CRET schools to implement weekly reviews and feedback on materials, equipment, technology, and practice management topics.

“I feel like I understand materials better overall now. And working in a private-practice type setting is helpful. I enjoyed learning about sterilization.” - WVU dental student

As the Biddington Center for Dental Innovation evolves, all dental and dental hygiene students will begin rotating through the operatories early in their dental school careers.  They are expected to go from 4 hours of required time in the center their first year to up to 100 hours by their final year of dental school.


Dr. Khalid Azzouz instructs fourth-year dental student Pete Petrides with Carestream Dental CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner


    Clinical procedures that are completed in the innovation center will count toward operative, periodontics, endodontic or fixed final clinical grades.  General practice residents and prosthodontics residents are also being introduced to the center and trained on product use.

    Future continuing education opportunities are being discussed for regional dentists including School of Dentistry alumni. A number have already requested tours of the center and the technology available for learning opportunities.

Spotlight reported by Dr. Lauren Yura, Director of the CRET-WVU Innovation Center
Revised June 20, 2018