Talent Management 101: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry • April 2012

Charles Cohen, Managing Partner,  Benco .

Objective:  Improve your knowledge & confidence about the most important decisions you’ll make in your dental career.

Be a leader.
    •    Become a student of leadership.  And management.
    •    Define success for the team.
    •    You are most on stage when you’re not on stage.
    •    You’re (probably) the VP of HR.

It’s all about the people.
    •    Great practices have great people.
    •    The toughest decisions are about people.  And the most rewarding decisions are about the people.
    •    The conundrum of existing employees.
    •    Hire slow, fire fast.
    •    Reward talent.  Pay top dollar.

Make it a family business.
    •    The best of times.  The worst of times.
    •    The goal:  High Conflict, High Cohesion.

Build a culture.
    •    Culture:  How people act when no one is watching.
    •    The soft skills are hard.  And critical.
    •    Set expectations high for yourself & your people.
    •    Hire for attitude, train for skills.