Suggestions to promote your company’s products:

1. You are able to provide signage for equipment with the name of the company and a contact number; “for additional information here is a phone # or website” or some similar wording works. It could be a sticker or magnet (whichever you prefer) you’re your team designs and a sales representative can put it on machinery. The design and printed size should remain tasteful, no larger than ~3”x4″. If you wanted to run a design by us, you may also do so via email! A QR code can be added to the aforementioned sticker – the website that the QR is linked to should be created by your team and can therefore include the information that would be most important.

2. Any contact with the students has to go through the IC director and scheduling something on students’ time is difficult except for lunch time (for example, a lunch-and-learn). The schools provide their students with incredible privacy protections (i.e. contact information) and so this information must come from them voluntarily, they cannot think that it is obligatory or that it will affect their grade in any way. If they want to provide a small gift in exchange (Starbucks gift card, etc.) that is up to your team.

3. We cannot do a survey – your team can however in the lunch-and-learn. Any time you go to the students, however, must be cleared by the IC director. If you do follow through with a survey, our best suggestion is an online survey (run by Qualtrics, or another surveying company) and to have it not be more than 5 questions – you should avoid questions that compare your company to others in this survey.

4. Students marketing equipment or companies is beyond the scope of what we can ask of them – they must remain protected.


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