Since the successful sequencing of the human genome in 2001, the pace of emergence of new diagnostic and therapeutic biotechnologies from basic research laboratories to translational research has accelerated. As research on the human genome continues, the pace of transfer of laboratory findings to translational research is expected to accelerate. By 2009 many of these emerging biotechnologies have entered the developmental pipeline and are expected to enter the marketplace in the next few years. Some examples of diagnostics are those in salivary diagnostics and examples of those in therapeutics are in biomimetics and biomaterials such as bone and stem cell research.

In contrast to the rapid rate of transition of basic research to translational research, and as a result of a number of factors including traditional training methods, administrative requirements, cost and rate of product and procedure development, in recent years dental schools have not been able to incorporate the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and products introduced into their curriculum at the same pace.

However, these products and equipment are being introduced into private dental practice as they enter the marketplace with the result that the technology in private practice is more advanced than that in dental schools.

A consequence of this disparity is that after leaving dental school, graduates are not prepared to enter dental practice. What is urgently needed is for dental schools to find a program that offers the ability for them to expose contemporary products, procedures, and equipment. This program must be cost-effective and, most important, adapted to the unique requirements of students and faculty at each specific dental school.

CRET’s Technology Educational Program (TEP) provides a framework for assisting the dental faculty with the transfer of innovative equipment and products into each dental school’s curriculum.

Innovation Center Award

Dental Schools Admission Interviews – Based on current admission interviews done by existing Innovation Centers, the dynamics of applicants have changes to such that prospective students are now interested in the IC and are applying to the university because they are aware of the newest technology available in the IC. An IC sets a university apart from others and attracts the most competitive dental applicants.

Advantages of IC Award – IC to recruit dental student applicants, new technology and training provided, students experience and treat patients in a private practice setting, practice management,

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Alumni join CRET to remain involved with CRET members, hear about the newest technology, and receive educational and promotional opportunities from CRET member companies. Alumni are privy to exclusive continuing education, private events featuring CRET speakers, access to practice building resources, and practice management. CRET follows up with Alumni periodically on their readiness for practice after their experience in the Innovation Center.

Exit Surveys

Senior Dental students have the opportunity to participate in CRET’s voluntary exit survey to learn more about their experience in the Innovation Center, readiness for practice, and opportunities for improvement.

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Air Techniques
Acteon North America
Benco Dental Company
Carestream Dental
DCI Edge
Dental EZ
Dentsply Sirona

DMG America
GC America
Henry Schein
Heraeus Kulzer Dental
Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co.
Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT)
Patterson Dental
Planmeca USA
Porter Instrument

ProBiora Health
Richmond Dental
Royal Dental Group
Seiler Instrument / Promise Vision 3D
Whip Mix Corporation
Zyris Inc., Isolite Systems
3M Oral Care

Student Forum

Student Presentation

Several times throughout the year students select a product or topic related to their experience in the IC to create a student presentation about. These presentations are then presented to fellow cohorts and reiterate the experiences had with CRET member company’s products used in the IC. The Directors share these presentations with CRET members and have proven to be insightful and provide a fresh perspective from a millennial’s standpoint. Such presentations have sparked CRET members to further look into product development and innovative ways to improve products catered to your future consumers.


CRET Wants To Hear From You!

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