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CRET has criteria for selecting a university to be awarded an Innovation Center, usually on an annual basis. Award for IC nearly a million dollars worth of equipment and merchandise. To apply for this award, please email


In 2024 The Center for Research and Education in Technology (CRET, Inc), will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The mission of CRET is to improve dental education and oral health care. Periodically, CRET selects a dental school (usually annually) for an award of an Innovation Center (IC). The CRET IC award includes six complete fully equipped operatories, a full array of digital technology, sterilization equipment, and radiographic equipment. In addition, the award includes products and merchandise for all seniors for patient treatment for one year. The magnitude of the award is extensive: the award for the Innovation Center at the Univ of Mississippi was almost one million dollars.


CRET was founded in 2004. CRET has 26 member companies. CRET is a not-for-profit company (501) (c) (3) organization. and unlike dental organizations that represent specific constituencies (for example, practicing dentists by the American Dental Association (ADA); dental educators by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA); dental scientists by the American Association of Dental Research (AADR); and the dental industry by the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), CRET is the first organization to represent a constituency whose goal is to develop a partnership between two groups: the dental industry and dental schools.

The goal of the partnership is to introduce the latest in digital technology and innovative products into dental schools. As a result of the partnership, dental students can experience the latest equipment and products on the market. This exposure allows students to understand that the outdated equipment, usually found in dental schools, is not their only option after graduation thus facilitating a smoother transition by dental students into private practice.

The Innovation Center Awards

The cornerstone of CRET’s program is its Innovation Center, a unique beta-site within the dental school that promotes access for CRET member companies to introduce products to dental students and faculty.

To date, CRET has opened ICs at four dental schools: Loma Linda University, University of Missouri at Kansas City, West Virginia University, and the University of Mississippi. A development of a fifth IC is in progress at Lincoln Memorial University Dental School.

If your school would like to apply for an Innovation Center award, please write to and request an application form.


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