CRET Equipment Subcommittee Recommendation for Innovation Center Footprint and Procedure for Selection of Equipment
(Revised Guidelines from October 2010) October 26, 2012

Part I. Guidelines for Innovation Center Footprint
Following agreement by both CRET and the host dental school, the Innovation Center

  • Will be renovated at each host schools expense
  • Will contain at least 2000 – 4000 square feet
  • Will be equipped with a minimum of four and maximum of six operatories
  • Will have space for waiting room, reception area, records area, dental lab,
    conference lab, access to radiographic facilities, access to sterilization and, where
    possible, equipment for video capture of procedures
  • Will have the final floor plan and interior design approved by CRET and the host

Part II. Selection of Equipment for Operatories

Following approval of the floor plan, the CRET Equipment Committee (EC) will solicit
new consignment equipment from CRET members. All equipment offered must and will be
FDA cleared for sate in the U.S.

  • In the cases where the host school has space within the Innovation Site for more
    than six operatories, the host school will be asked to purchase additional
    operatory equipment from a CRET equipment vender/s authorized distributor
  • In cases where the school’s Innovation Center has space for fewer than six
    operatories, the host school will select the equipment from the list of CRET
    equipment vendors provided by the EC (cannot be more than one operatory from
    the same vender).


  • Vendors will take responsibility for installation, upkeep, training, maintenance
    and turnover of their products
  • Installation may be handled by local representatives of member distributors
    Authorized distributors are responsible for service or venders can work with
    each school’s trained maintenance personnel to transfer this responsibility. In
    addition, vender’s customer support dept, may be contacted directly by the
    school. Parts needed for equipment repairs will be provided to distributer/school
    at no charge and any service technician labor rates will be invoiced to vender for
    payment during consignment period
  • Mixing-and-matching vendors in the same operatory will be discouraged except
    where an equipment manufacturer does not make a full line of equipment (such
    as X-ray units, etc.)
  • All consignment equipment will be provided for a maximum of three years
  • CRET members are in agreement that in order for the Innovation Center
    program to be successful, it is imperative to set aside any competitive
    relationships, avoid conflicts of interest as described in CRET’s By-Laws and
    agree to collaborate in a collegial and professional manner. There will be no
    soliciting for equipment sales within the Innovation Center for any CRET
    member unless approached by the host school

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