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Don Hobbs, Vice President of Equipment for Henry Schein Dental, is joined by Dr. Edward Rossomando, Professor Emeritus, and President & Founder of the Center for Research and Education in Technology (CRET).

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Apex360 Senior Editor Zac Kulsrud interviews CRET President Dr. Edward Rossomando at ADA 2015. CRET (Center for Research and Education in Technology) is uniting the dental industry and dental schools to close the technology gap.

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The Application of the Assembly Line to the Delivery of Oral Health Care, Edward F. Rossomando

University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, Farmington, Connecticut, USA

This paper examines the delivery of oral health care and compares the delivery in 2020 with that before 1900. While equipment and materials have changed, the design of the office, and the use of personnel within the office has remained remarkably similar. The doctor is responsible for diagnosis and treatment with some support services provided by hygienists and assistants. This piece work delivery model contrasts with an assembly line model. The assembly line model is explored here in a hypothetical visit to a dental office in 2025. The paper describes the layout of practice as well as the role of the doctor and auxiliary personnel in the office.

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