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Senior Exit Interviews

“The Innovation Center was an amazing experience and Dr. Yura is wonderful to work with.”

“I think the innovation center is so invaluable to our learning. I loved having the opportunity to try out so many different products and units. Also, Dr. Yura does an awesome job running it!”

“Working at the Innovation Center was great. I loved being able to try a variety of dental materials, instruments, and equipment. Having this experience was beneficial during school so we are accustomed to using a variety of materials, since what every office has will vary. Dr. Yura was more than accommodating and really encouraged us to schedule our patients at the IC so we could have the experience!”

“The innovation center is a huge help for us, especially since we were lacking removable faculty members in the main clinic and the same day delivery crowns using the CERAC machine. Dr. Yura responds to our emails and is always willing to help us out in the greatest way possible.”

“I loved practicing at the innovation center and Dr. Yura is so great to work with.”

“The innovation center was a unique and important aspect of my dental experience. I was able to utilize technology that some dental students do not have the opportunity to use.”

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity to work in the Innovation Center. The experience in the Innovation Center and having the ability to work with some of the best technology in dentistry was second to none and a huge benefit to me as a student.”

“Dr. Yura is one of the most patient, all-around wonderful faculty we get to work with. She has created a truly unique experience at the Innovation Center.”

“The innovation center is an awesome adjunct to our clinical experience. I learned so much there and loved the exposure to all of the different tools and materials. Dr. Godwin is phenomenal there and as clinical faculty. She has made it so effortless to transition back and forth between IC and the main clinic.”

“The innovation center is a great asset to the school. Every time I got the chance to work there it was amazing. Getting hands-on training and experience with top of the line equipment and materials was great. Not to mention the patients loved being over there. Dr. Yura-Godwin does a great job making the most out of every experience we get over there. She also is great at teaching the difference between all the many materials that are there, and when we should be using each type.”

“The innovation center is a huge highlight for our school. Dr. Yura is an exceptional teacher and really knows the various materials donated from different manufacturers. I think having that experience will allow me to have more of an advantage going out into the real world where I will have been exposed to working with numerous types of materials and equipment.”

“I have really enjoyed my experience at the innovation center. I would work in that clinic every day if possible. Dr. Yura is so helpful and knowledgeable about all the products and encourages you to try different materials, instruments, and techniques. It has been very beneficial to see the vast amounts of products available outside the few we use in the main clinic.”

“I especially enjoyed the innovation center, although I have not used it a lot, it is nice to see what is being done more so in private practices so when I do go to work I have a better understanding of the use of the equipment.”

“I LOVE the innovation center. Dr. Yura has done an amazing job, and I wish I would have been able to spend more time there this semester.”

“The Innovation Center was great as well. Dr. Yura is probably one of the biggest assets the school has. She advocates for students, spends the time helping, and really involves herself in helping students.”

“Super thankful for some exposure of the newer technologies from the innovation center. That has been awesome, along with Dr. Yura. As young adults, we are exposed to so many new techniques and products on social media platforms. There was a procedure I saw and wanted to try it and Dr. Yura did not hesitate to order the product and let us use it. Any time you want to try something new or schedule a patient, she makes it happen. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her students and that is very apparent.”

“I enjoyed the Innovation Center because we were able to use some of the latest and greatest technology that we may be interested in after graduating. Also, because Dr. Yura is a phenomenal teacher and works so hard to keep the Innovation Center up and running.”

“I really thought the Innovation Center was a great thing as it is a wonderful environment and Dr. Yura does an amazing job teaching us; it is a great atmosphere.”

“The innovation center is another blessing, and Dr. Yura does a great job. She is very patient with us as we learn the new procedures and products.”

“I really enjoyed my time at the Innovation Center and believe it is an invaluable asset to the students.”

“The Innovation center was great. Dr. Yura rally does a good job over there.”

“Dr. Yura (Godwin) and the CRET Center was another bright spot in my time here. I don’t think you could have put anyone better in charge of running the CRET Center, she works so hard to give each one of us the best possible experience using all of the new technology and materials over there.”

“The Innovation Center was a very valuable asset as well – it gives us a private practice style environment and access to materials and techniques that we may not otherwise be exposed to such as treatment options for white spot lesions and CAD/CA (I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Yura’s mentorship and individualized instruction).

“The innovation center was the highlight of my clinical experience at the school. Dr. Yura does a fantastic job obtaining the new technology and materials. She required us to learn those materials, even though we only had a short amount of time there. Also, she was very prompt with our scheduling requests.”


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