Quarterly Deadlines for IC Requests

Directors can submit requested items by the below quarterly deadlines. Requests should be emailed to eileen.cret@gmail.com

  • July, August, Close of Quarter 1: September 30
  • October, November, Close of Quarter 2: December 31
  • January, February, Close of Quarter 3: March 30
  • April, May, Close of Quarter 4: June 30

Innovation Center Directors


Co-Director of Technology: Scott Young, DDS – Please Click Here For Contact Info

Co-Director of Operations: Abraham, Jonathan, D.D.S. – Please Click Here For Contact Info


Pappa, Oscar A., D.D.S. – Please Click Here For Contact Info


Wang, Qi, D.D.S. – Please Click Here For Contact Info

Contact List For Repair & Maintenance Of Equipment In CRET Technology Centers

For any corrections to list below, please contact Kyrstyn Jenkins at kyrstyn.cret@gmail.com

WVU and LMU: Heidi Denos: heidi.denos@a-dec.com (281) 814-3128
UMMC: Perry Greenway: perry.greenway@a-dec.com (706) 892-8725
Secondary Contact: Susan Ferrante: susan.ferrante@a-dec.com (516) 297-4539

WVU and UMMC: Sean Mitchell: Sean.Mitchell@acteongroup.com (856) 448-2232
Secondary Contact: Katy Kjartanson: Katy.Kjartanson@acteongroup.com (310) 889-8685

Carestream Dental
Primary Contact: natl.imaging.us.csd@carestream.com (888) 464-3910
Primary Contact for LMU: Kip Haswell: kip.haswell@csdental.com
Secondary Contacts: Gregory Maune: gregory.maune@csdental.com (770) 226-3014
Kecia Babb: Kecia.babb@csdental.com (770) 226-3116

Dentsply Sirona
Stacey Small: stacey.small@dentsplysirona.com (717) 849-7720

WVU: Tom Evans: Tevens@midmark.com (412) 298-0625
UMMC: Stuart Street: sstreet@midmark.com (601) 316-7325

Porter Instrument
Mike Civitello: michael.civitello@parker.com (215) 660-8224
WVU: Troy Parr: tparr@porterroyalsales.com (513) 550-3006
UMMC and LMU: Mike Geren: mikegeren@att.net (615) 533-8385

Royal Dental Group
Tracy Thompson: tthompsonprs@gmail.com (360) 281-4881
WVU: Troy Parr: tpaar@porterroyalsales.com (513) 550-3006
UMMC and LMU: Mike Geren mikegeren@att.net (615) 533-8385


LMU Maintenance and Repair: Tony Leise: tleise@seilerinst.com


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