IT’S WELL-KNOWN that significant gaps exist between what students learn in dental school and the realities of everyday practice.

Those gaps have widened in recent years, perhaps most significantly by the unprecedented pace of technological progress. It’s one

thing to acknowledge the ever-louder concerns of dental students; it’s another to actually do something about it.

Dr. Edward F. Rossomando not only did something–he also developed a vision for making it happen, then rallied the biggest, most

powerful players in oral health-care technology around it. De. Rossomando is the founding father of CRET: the Center for Research &

Education in Technology, dedicated full-time to introducing the latest technology into dental curricula. Since 2004, the group has

worked to align the goals of dental academic organizations and the dental industry to serve the interests of students and, by extension,

the patient populations they treat following graduation.

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